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Face Oils

When I first heard of beauty oils, I was a bit skeptical.  When I thought about oil, I would only think about the oil you use to cook.  To put it on your face and skin was definitely not something I wanted to add to my daily routine.
I mean the thought of rubbing on oil makes me think of tanning oil and somewhat sticky feeling you get afterwards.  And when I used to work in the beauty industry, I heard of this new craze where everyone was putting oil on their faces.  
But in fact, I overcame my skeptical thoughts and I do use oil for my skin frequently.  It's hard to believe that pressing oil to your face will actually assist in balancing out your skin texture and resulting with less oily skin.  It's pretty amazing.
It really depends on the type of oil you use as to how it settles on and into your skin.  I've been using Fresh's Seaberry Face Oil for the longest time.  
Maple Holistics has again come into my life with their Argan oil.  Best thing about this oil is that …

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