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This is feeling a bit rusty but nostalgic at the same time.  Has it really been 2 years since my last post?  Even with that, I'm so thankful for all the emails I still receive from readers who have read my back posts and wanted to let me know that they enjoyed them.  Recently, LENS CIRCLE reached out to me and I thought it has been a while since I've tried colors outside the box. WORLD SERIES CIRCLE LENS (Purple) Diameter: 14.2mm Base Curve Radius: 8.40 ~ 8.60mm C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm Water Content: 38 ~ 42% Using Cycle: One Year Power Range: 0.00 (Plano) ~ -10.00 Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc. In previous posts (when I was younger), I somehow thought that bigger lens with black lining was the best lens to get.  It may be because of the huge gear trend.  I feel that the trend now has been more of a natural look without enlarging the eyes to appear alien-like.  I actually love this color and I can't remember really loving purple eyes but since thes

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