Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lash Worth

Last year, I found a new addiction saves me from looking totally like a boy in the morning and also saves me time from getting ready in the morning.  A growing addiction for many girls these days--eyelash extensions has become a part of my monthly routine.  

When I heard about the idea of adding false lashes one-by-one to each lash every month, I thought it was a pointless procedure.  A total waste of money.  But then again, the feelings were mutual for gel nails; until I actually got them done and realized how important pampering yourself could make one feel more beautiful.

Overly anticipating the day, I had forgotten to take a before picture of my lashes.  It was a long process of consultation and application of eyelashes.  When I looked at the mirror afterward, I have to say that I was beyond happy.  Yes, I had stopped applying on falsies for a while but I did have withdrawals.  Seeing a full and long set of lashes and them actually appearing NATURAL, I thought to myself that I would work hard to maintain them.

So, two salons later, I am currently frequenting at La Pure with the lovely and talented Mami-san.  The relashing occurs every 3 weeks for an hour session.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  I fall asleep throughout most of it.

This is probably the best before picture I have in storage.  When I got my eyelash perm, it gave a natural curl but it really can't compare to having my lashes elongated and delicately fluttering naturally upwards.

Now, I can spend my days off without makeup (except for my eyebrows :P) and I have no need for eyelash curlers or mascaras!  Along with that, I rarely wear any eye make-up because I feel that it will defeat the natural-look.

For those who are skeptical of how great it is to have eyelash extensions, take it from me--the girl who hates to put on make-up every day and rarely has time to get her nails done.  Owning the I-woke-up-like-this-look and having all my clients at work ask me what mascara I use to get my eyelashes long . . . I MAKE THE TIME GURL!  

If you're a reader from Hawaii, I would definitely recommend going to Mami-san at La Pure:

La Pure Eyelash Extension
1441 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Contact: (808) 924-8422

For my readers from all over the world, eyelash extension has become so popular lately that I'm sure that you will be able to Google a salon nearby.  The main thing I would look out for is to make sure they're using the top quality eyelashes to avoid damages to your real eyelashes.  And I cannot stress enough to go ahead and rely on the reviews.  Read through them carefully and make the best judgement because eyelashes are so precious.  You wouldn't want just anyone messing with them.  

For those who have further questions, feel free to message me on my FB page:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Getting to know my heritage at Villa Escudero

For the readers who may believe that I am Japanese blogger who has lived in America and Japan and loves to blog about food, beauty and fashion, I have to say . . . that's partially correct.

Believe it or not, I am actually of Filipino descent.  Well, half.  My mother immigrated from Gifu, Japan and my father from Manila, Philippines.  Funny and yet so contemporary how they came to meet here in Hawaii in the 70s.  My father charmed her at a disco, they got married and had a kid and the rest is a long history that I would not want to blab about on my blog.  

Currently, my parents are retired in the Philippines and I am trying to make annual visits to them.  This past February was my second visit and the more I visit the Philippines, the more I fall in love with the country.  Not because there are more things to do--including casinos & large shopping malls--but because I love the culture.  I love the people.  I feel as if the people there are so in love with life regardless if they work a 10-hour long job for little pay.  They really know how to have fun, enjoy and appreciate what they have.  Materialism is something you'd rarely see there and it's such a breath of fresh air for me.

Going forward with this post, I really wanted to share my experience at Vila Escudero which is one of the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines.  I stumbled across this place while scrolling on my Newfeed on Facebook and found an article about "unusual" restaurants around the world.  Villa Escudero was one of them.  It's a beautiful restaurant that is built along a river by the waterfall.  Yes, way. 

The drive here was amazing.  Great to stray away from the concrete life sometimes :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Street Photoshoot in Downtown Honolulu

Blogging has became a semi-annual affair it seems.  Are any of you still out there? haha

This is a pretty late post but back in January (which isn't technically forever ago) a friend of mine invited me to model for him and his crew in Downtown Honolulu.  It was such a great experience having 5 cameras pointed at me in one of the areas in Hawaii that I rarely visit.

To say the least, I am not a night person.  Although it was a different story when I was living in Tokyo where you could karaoke all night long, explore the beautiful city lights and have a pleasant conversation at a chic bar without being approached by creepers.

However, during the photoshoot, it's as if I had found something fun to do at night in Hawaii instead of getting wasted or grinding in the club.  Thanks for the experience, guys!

Photo by: Eric Baranda

Photo by: Eric Baranda

Photo by: Eric Baranda

Photo by Julio Uyesugi

Photo by: Eric Baranda

Photo by: Julio Uyesugi
Photo by: Julio Uyesugi
Photo by: Julio Uyesugi

Photo by: Levi Viloria

Photo by: Levi Viloria

Photo by: Levi Viloria

Photo by: Levi Viloria

-Contact info-

Julio Uyesugi: Camera Bear

Eric Baranda: Facebook

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Semi-annual update: Koko Head Cafe

Uh, wow.  

Has it really been 6 months since my last update?!  

I'm sure most of my readers have migrated their attention to my Instagram.  I must say that between the period from March until now, A LOT has changed for me and I have attempted to update my blog for a while now but I still question how popular is blogging these days? 

Nonetheless, I've found time during my sick day to share one of my favorite new spots to have brunch in Honolulu.

I may have jumped on the boat too late on this one but this place still is raving all over town. Koko Head Cafe opened last year by brilliant Chef Lee Anne Wong who is heavily experienced in culinary and has been exposed to many cultures, making her dishes a wide range of awesome-fusion.

This is the first thing you see when you enter the restaurant.  Alcohol for breakfast? Why not. 

My boyfriend and I sat right in front of the kitchen where we could watch the cooks prepare all the dishes within all the mayhem of orders after orders.  The restaurant was packed! 

Per recommendation by our waiter, we ordered their Kimchee Bacon Cheddar Scone. Say what?! 

Yes, this was the miracle scone.  Amongst the creamy cheese, crispy bacon was the best balance of richness, spice and a pinch of salt.  Maybe not the best scone to pair with your cup of joe, but definitely a tasty snack.  

For some strange reason my boyfriend loves to order loco mocos at ANY breakfast/brunch place we go to.  He says that it's a "safe" choice because they can never go wrong with a meat patty, gravy and sunny side up eggs.  Well, they can't go wrong but Koko Head did perfection. 

The dish is not only just the meat patty, gravy and eggs.  In fact, the patty is Maui Cattle Co. beef and the gravy has mushroom in it topped over GARLIC RICE and a delicious side of tempura kimchi.  Needless to say this was the best "loco mock" my boyfriend has ever had.

I had the Donburi Chen which was Miso smoked pork, five spice pork belly on top sushi rice.  This dish is so me with the elements of Japan with the house-made pickles and sushi rice and then the Philippines with the fresh chicharron.  The French scrambled eggs for well . . . my love for the French language. :)  There's something about juicy flavory pork that makes me miss my mother's cooking and this definitely got me in the feels.

Koko Head Cafe
Location: 1145C 12th Ave., Honolulu, HI (Kaimuki)
Price: $15-20 per person.
Advice/Recommendation: There's usually a long wait but it's worth it! Don't forget to try the kimchee scone :)


It's been so long since I've blogged that I feel so rusty.  Yet writing this post seemed to flow out naturally as if it were inside of me just waiting to get out there.  I must say that I've missed doing these posts and I definitely miss doing makeup reviews!  


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