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Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo | Review

It has definitely been a min.  Within the last few months, I had a career change, went on holiday, and changed my lifestyle.  When I say lifestyle, it's mainly in concerns of how I treat myself and my body.

I've switched over to eating and even using products that are organic.  Watch Netflix documentaries--it will change the way you think.  In retrospect, a lot of the things I've been consuming such as MSG & artificial sugars made me not only gain weight but my energy level was at a low.  I honestly thought it was lack of iron or just my overall nature of my body.  I've come to realize (and at a very late moment in life) that eating healthy and clean really does make you feel a lot better.  Not saying that I am awake and alive 24 hours a day; the fatigue and lethargy is not as commonly present as it used to.  Don't get me wrong, I do have my "cheat" days when eating organic is inevitable.  But for the most part I've been sticking to it and it'…

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