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3CE x Lily Maymac Lipstick Review

I may not have a huge obsession with lipstick as Lily MayMac does but my collection is quite substantial.  I always find myself hoarding all my lipsticks and having a very difficult time tossing them out regardless to whether or not I even use them.  I even have this pure black lipstick from MAC that I felt the need to purchase because it was a limited collaboration with Rihanna.  Ended up using it for a last minute Halloween costume a couple years back.  It's been sitting on my lipstick rack since.  
Lip color is a huge deal in Korea aside from really good BB cream.  Every cosmetic brand I visited during my trip to Seoul all had an array of lip colors in unique packaging.  I'm a sucker for cute packaging so when I saw the simplistic and square shaped lipsticks at 3CE, I just had to have them all.  But I held back and bought only two.  I am full of regret that I didn't buy more.  

Lily MayMac has a collaboration lippy with 3CE right now and they're available in three …

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