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New Lips New Shades

My most recent obsession that I have discovered that was even obsession of mine are lipsticks and sunglasses.  It's difficult to tell you the reason why I'm so obsessed with these things but I'm happy that these are the only two inexpensive things that I collect.  If I were a shoe or handbag person then I would certainly be homeless by now.  

Ok--maybe I'm addicted to MAC cosmetics as well.  Whenever something new comes out, I get the urge to pop into a shop and try them out.  I've been good after my splurge with Mimi's collection back during the holidays.  I swear that store is pure evil.  I could never just pop in and not walk out with something to take home.  But this time I couldn't resist not trying out their new metallic lip collection.  I was a good girl though and only bought one.  
After being a pain and  trying on almost half the collection, I decided on the shade Jupiter.  I was tempted to to purchase the blue & green shades but I had to stop…

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