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moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion Review

Do you ever have that feeling that you would never be able to find that perfect foundation? Story of my life. 
I'm not sure why it is but it seems that every brand I try starts off looking hella slick on my skin and then somehow my skin adapts to the formula and it's not as great as it was before. I've tried sooooo many brands and I still can't find one that is consistent throughout the whole container.  As a result, I'm always open to try new products. 

In Korea, I found many different foundations but my main concern was color match. My skin tone is darker than the average Asian which is why I lean towards Western brands instead. I decided to try out moonshot and bought a cushion foundation and liquid foundation (which I'll probably do a review on once I try it).
moonshot was one of the only brands that carried a shade that suited me. A lot of other brands usually had 3 shades: fair, fair as heck and ghost. The lady in the store wasn't very helpful but thankf…

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