Wednesday, February 8, 2017

OOTD l Gloomy Gypsy

I really thought I had posted this!  This post was literally just sitting in my draft folder for almost 2 years. 

These photos were taken when I ventured out with Cat Party again to do a photoshoot at the beach and try out reflectors.  Unfortunately, it wasn't all sunshine and blue skies.  But even without the use of reflectors or even any source of natural lighting, he still managed to capture some great photos!

Looking at these photos now, I realize how much my hair has grown and how SLOW my hair grows.  I always feel like I'm the only one whose hair grows so freaking slow.  I started taking Biotin pills to help with the growth but it seems like it only helped with the quality of my hair which is fine as well :p

February is the month I go back to Korea and I'm beyond beyond beyond excited about it.  Not so much anticipating the cold whether, though.  It's been a while since I've dressed up in freezing weather so let's see how we do with my OOTD then. ;3

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bulgogi Tacos at Moku Kitchen!

Happy Lunar New Year!  It's awesome that here in Hawaii, we celebrate two New Year dates in a year.  Most popularly known as Chinese New Year but you see almost everyone of any ethnicity celebrating and feeding money to the dancing lions and making sure they get their reservations in at Chinese restaurants.  

Speaking of reservations, I was so glad that I made reservations at Moku Kitchen last night.  Once I stepped in the restaurant, it was packed with a long wait line.  It definitely saved me a good 40 mins wait by making that phone call.  

SALT Kaka'ako is such a great addition to the ever-so-expanding Ward area of Honolulu. It's a block of the city that was turned into a hip and modern area for breweries, restaurants, trendy clothing boutiques, and my favorite place to pick up cute little succulents. 

Moku Kitchen just recently opened up and I've heard nothing but great reviews so I knew I had to visit!  They are well-known for their wood oven pizzas and rotisserie chicken.  The interior was beautiful and sort of had a feeling of being in a pub.  There's also live music that plays during dinner time.  The only downfall is that it gets pretty loud inside.  

This dish was everything I would have hoped for!  If you love Korean food like I do, you will definitely love this Bulgogi Taco!  We devoured these in literally less than 5 minutes.  

We ordered the Proletariat pizza which was just like a fancy Supreme pizza.  The dough is said to be aged for 3-days and it was such a great bread that I was able to enjoy the crust all on its own :) (yes, I'm one of those who don't like the crust)

Words can't explain how funny it was that our waitress knew we  would want the most photogenic dessert for our pictures so she recommended this Strawberry Cream Pie.  This was one of the best cream pies i've had in a while.  It wasn't too sweet and the pie crust wasn't tough to break apart.  

Overall, I loved the food here.  I only wish that the portions were a little bigger for the price that you pay.  I'm totally loving this whole new development in Kaka'ako and would love to try the other restaurants there very soon!  

Location: Salt At Our Kaka'ako (660 Ala Moana Blvd)
Price: About $35 per person. Better to go on a small stomach since the portions are smaller. 
Advice/Recommendation: The tacos are pricey but they're totally worth it.  Make sure to make reservations!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mimi's Mac Collection!!

Mariah has come through for her #lambily with her MAC collaboration and it is GORGEOUS!

I grew up listening to Mariah Carey and I've always been such a big fan of her songs and of course her voice.  

No, really.  I'm a big fan.

Believe me! 

Friday, December 16, 2016


Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo?  Like spontaeously walk in to a tattoo parlor and inject powerful and meaningful Latin phrases into inconspicuous areas of your body?

I'm not going to lie but I've always wanted to.  My fear?  Possibly my fear of needles and that fact that it is irreversible except that you can laser it off which I heard is more painful than getting a tattoo.  I'm sure there will be a day that I will find that one phrase or image that I feel is really a part of me but for the time being, I'm too damn indecisive about what I like and who I am.

So, that same fear of needles and pain is the reason why I can't get myself to tattoo my eyebrows.  Eyebrows are EXTREMELY important to me.  Have you ever photoshopped yourself without eyebrows?  It's like looking at a whole different person.  What are they feeling? 


I could go all bare faced but without my eyebrows, I'm vulnerable to the max.  

#1 Brown

A month ago, I was browsing online at some top makeup brands and found this ETUDE HOUSE Tint My Brows Gel to be the most trending thing out there (in Japan and Korea that is).  And what it does is that it's a thick gel that you brush on your eyebrows and is left for a couple of hours.  Once it dries, you can easily peel it off and VOILA! You've got temporary eyebrows tattooed to your face.  Here of photos of the my very first application:

Directions say to apply a liberal amount which is a very questionable amount so I just decided to lather up in it.  

As so.  And my eyebrows have never been more on fleek.


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