When in Korea, Do as the Koreans do

Minus the rush to the ER at 3am to find out I have asthma, I had a great time this past week. It's the first time to visit Korea for more than just two nights. I've been used to short stays there that I literally rushed everything, finishing my to-do list in 3 days. There was a lot of down time which made for an awesome whimsical adventure. 

One thing that I was dying to do once in my life was try on a Hanbok.  I've probably had many opportunities to try them on but I felt like it was more legit to do it in Korea.  I can be petty like that. 

With a quick search on Google, we found a place located right in the center of Myeongdong at the Seoul Global Cultural Center.  There were many other locations to try on Hanbok but of course what drew me to this place was the fact that it was FREE.  

They had a great selection as well.  The staff there can speak many languages, too.  There was a wait time in between which was fine because you could just sit in the lounge and look through a lot of guidebooks while you plan your stay last minute as we did.

I didn't crop this photo on purpose so you could see that there were walls for photo opportunities.  
One thing I need to note on is that if you're going alone or with just a friend (ONE FRIEND), you'll probably want to ask them for a tripod or bring your own.  You have to take these photos on your own.  

Here was my camera man: 

Snapchat selfies are cool as well. 

And so are the filters.

Most of the time, we tend to become severely poor during vacation and I think this is a great thing that the Cultural Center provides to visitors.  They even have free internet use there which I honestly can't even find back home without paying per minute use.  

Btw, they have free K-POP dance classes which I would lowkey want to join during my next stay:

I've been slacking with posting about my Korea trip--even on Instagram! I have a lot of make-up reviews coming and I'm also trying to revamp my blog somehow.  Definitely want to make an easier navigation for everyone.  Bare with me!  


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