About Me

what is M O N   R A B U?

Mon = Monica   or   the French word for 'my'

Rabu = the Japanese romanji form of 'love'.  This can be deciphered as 愛(love), my middle name.

Monica Ai.  My love. Monica Love. My Ai.  You pick.


Bonjour, je m'appelle Monica Ai.

Blogging for me was triggered by Xanga back when I was a dorky, overweight, tomboy, middle school student.  At that time, I felt that blogging was a way to stray away from being socially awkward and post under my embarrassing usernames. I followed the trend and wrote about my day, my thoughts, my fears, my crushes all in one blog entry. More than four times a day.

Here you see the blogger that I am now. Sitting here reviewing and discussing today's fashion, the latest make-up products, famous tourist spots, and the best eateries; all in my own humble opinion in the comfort of my own home, office cubicle or on my iPhone at the airport. I do, however, find the time and eagerness to blog about myself once in a while. Sporadically, of course.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my blog.
If you do, drop me a message.
If you don't, never come back. LOL

No haters. I only accept and bestow love.

Yours truly,
Monica Ai


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