My closet: since Jan 2011 & PHOTOSHOOT?!


It's been a lifetime since I actually posted up my outfits. Even with my boyfriend here to take body shots for me, I still haven't actually asked him to.

Here is me wearing he same bowler hat for three outfits:

Cardigan: Cinnamon Girl
Floral Dress: TOP SHOP
Belt: F21
Leggings: Not sure but my mom paid a lot for it (hand me down)

Cardigan: Salus
Leggings: Uniqlo
Button down shirt with tie: H&M

Skull shirt: JSG
Chanel necklace: Vanquish
Gold belt material: I don't know but I just found it laying around.
Denim shorts: UNIQLO

My friends and I walked around Daikanyama this past weekend to pass through and see the beautiful rows of cherry blossoms in Meguro-gawa (Meguro River). As we were walking, I noticed an elderly man carrying an old fashion Lubitel camera hanging from his neck. He stopped and noticed that my friends and I were watching and came over to us and ask us if he could take a picture.

Turns out that he was a professional photographer by the name of Herbie Yamaguchi. He studied in the UK and was actually the roommate of Boy George! :O At first we didn't believe that he was a famous photographer until I looked across the see a camera crew pointing their cams at us.

We got interviewed and had a little photoshoot. It was such a great experience to have our picture taken by Herbie and to actually have him use those pictures for his TV program.

Here are the pictures that were broadcasted this past Saturday night:

I've been scanning through his works recently and am really inspired by them. Majority of his photos are in classic black and white. You can check out his works on his official website.

I need to get back on track with my posts. I'm sooooooo behind with so much to share!

Someone give me some motivation! haha Hopefully, I'll get some rest this weekend and update a little more.

Have a great weekend ;3


suki pooki said…
Wow this must've been such an exciting moment!! I love all three outfits with the bowler hat but my favorite is definitely the first outfit!
haha..that's what I call being at the right place, at the right time! what an awesome experience..^___^ I've never anyone awe-inspiring in real life before..
Yapo Nightroad said…
WOW omg that's wonderful!! I love your bowler hat, it completes the sweet look <3 <3 and is never out of trend :> your outfit just too sweet ^_^
Maria May said…
That bowlerhat is simply awesome <3 i've been looking for one but its damn hard to find a nice looking one >:(
Such a fun coincidence that you guys ran into that photografer. Really great to see that he was a nice man ^^
Emy said…
Ah Monica you're beautiful! Love your coordinates!
OtherMix said…
I like the second outfit! It's so cool to run in to someone like that!
emi said…
all your outfits are so cute!! i love the first one especially~ you make me want to get a bowler hat lol
that's so cool you ran into a famous photographer! and roomates with boy george too wow! i wonder what it's like to use a real lubitel camera...all i have is this iphone app XD
Ken said…
omg that is so cool~!
love ur outfits
Love all three outfits, the way you mix elements and styles is so elegant.

What a great experience for you, I'm so happy^^ You look great on TV!
I also adore your outfits! ^^ so cute! I need to go shopping now lol

Oh wow! Really!?? That's SO crazy! What a wonderful experience you guys had! and a huge coincidence O_O;; haha~!

also you commented on my blog, thank you! haha~yes I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE SID! they have been one of my fav bands since high school ^^
Bibi said…
Waaa, so cool! You met a real photographer!!! My dad still has one of those old cameras, I wonder if it's still functioning...
☆~Jenia~☆ said…
Wow it's so cool to get a photoshot and on TV!! I really like your outfint from first picture <3 Love
karisuma gyaru said…
that's so cool!!

and your outfits are cute too. whish i could pull off the bowler hat ^_-
Hyuna said…
love all 3 outfits :3 where did you get your bowler hat? I used to have one from H&M but someone stole it from meee D:
Lo said…
That is so cool! What a random chance of fate haha Btw you look so tall! Are you taller than 5'6? Or maybe it's because Japanese people are average like 5'1? lol
Bea said…
I really love looking at your photos on a bowler hat. kk~ It's my frustration. I was having thoughts of buying one but I'm scared it might not look good on me. T.T


Yes, I was really busy these past few weeks. I had no off. I just took an off for 5 days b/c I might get sick..

And my phone is quite old but I love it. haha~ The cam is not good but the functions are good. :)
There are tons of Nokia in the Philippines and in different models so it's quite hard to choose. I live in Bataan btw. ^^
Harumi said…
WOOOOOOOOOW cool outfits :D i love all! and what incredible experience :3

hehe what a great experience. I love all three outfits way too cute I can't choose which is my fave :)
MOON said…
Wow that's so cool! XD

I love the outfits, but my fav. is the first one :D!
I love your cordinates ^^ are greats and so cool experience =)
OtherMix said…
reply/ Thank you!

And exactly what does you remind you of it? =o
Hi again! haha, I think this is the only way to reply back to you xDDD;;

I don't really use my travel blog that much... it's really more for my family + friends to see what I'm up to. You can follow 'GLAMOROUS SKY' for my fashion/japan travel/personal stuff~haha, I update that a few times a week.

I'm SO happy to talk to another SID lover * O * they are so great. Their music puts me in SUCH a good mood! My fav member!? Between MAO and Aki ^^ they both are great!

Donkuri said…
I like your outfits!
Phony said…
I love your outfit! especially the outfit with tie!!
Hello Naka said…
oh wow thats so lucky and cool! i want to meet someone famous and have a photo taken ^^ it must have been very shocking for u :p and i love ur bowler hat ^^
Winnie said…
Oh this is really amazing Monica! You're so lucky to have met him! I've never heard of him either but it seems that he's quite a big deal! What a privileged..and awesome that you guys accidentally bumped into him and then went on TV. You look awesome!
Saving Capulet said…
oh such lovely coordinates!! you look lovely in all photos <3
リンダ said…
Eeeeeeeeeeee! I love your outfits! (^O^)It is hard to pick my favorite LOL!
OMG!! That is soooooo COOL!!

You need to post more please XD
MayClover said…
Wow that's an awesome experience :D!
I really like all your outfits xx
suki pooki said…
Thanks for the sweet comment! If you're looking for nude I would definitely recommend the mac viva glam gaga 2 one! ( the one I have hahaha) if it doesn't work out you can always return it too =) But make sure you double check with the mac policy, it might not be the same with every country =S

Yes, another reason why I love sephora, no intruding sales associates! They usually leave me alone so I can browse all I want =D
suki pooki said…
P.s I have to say this again but I love your outfits, Im starting to like the second one more than the first lol but florals will alway win my heart!
jass said…
Your outfits are sooo pretty :o
Natasha said…
Wow, that's so cool, it must've been fun to meet someone like that. They must have some awesome stories too. Really cool post Monica :) I'm glad things are a lot happier with you now after everything you went through with the earthquake. xxx
Natasha said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natasha said…
There's an award for you over at my blog Monica! xxx
Coco!♥ said…
wow love the outfits! I esp like the cinnamon girl cardigan hehe.
tifuani said…
Wow~ So cool you guys came across famous photographer~! And your outfits are so adorable ^o^

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