New Lips New Shades

My most recent obsession that I have discovered that was even obsession of mine are lipsticks and sunglasses.  It's difficult to tell you the reason why I'm so obsessed with these things but I'm happy that these are the only two inexpensive things that I collect.  If I were a shoe or handbag person then I would certainly be homeless by now.  

MAC's Metallic Lip Collection // Jupiter

Ok--maybe I'm addicted to MAC cosmetics as well.  Whenever something new comes out, I get the urge to pop into a shop and try them out.  I've been good after my splurge with Mimi's collection back during the holidays.  I swear that store is pure evil.  I could never just pop in and not walk out with something to take home.  But this time I couldn't resist not trying out their new metallic lip collection.  I was a good girl though and only bought one.  

After being a pain and  trying on almost half the collection, I decided on the shade Jupiter.  I was tempted to to purchase the blue & green shades but I had to stop myself because really--when will I find an opportune time to wear those colors?  

This shade is beautiful and gives a very natural color to my lips with a touch of shimmer.  You can never go wrong with glitter in your lipstick.  My lips are naturally on the darker side so I usually tend to lean towards more lighter shades.  The above photo shows the lipstick on my naked lips and it turned out pretty!  Because the shade is on a more sheer side, this would make for a great coat over other lipsticks to add a little bit of sparkle sparkle.  

And then theres my obsession with sunglasses.  I'm sure I have over 10 different sunglasses/glasses in my collection.  Correct me if I'm wrong about judging that amount as being an addict.  

This gorgeous pair was bought during my trip in Korea.  GENTLE MONSTER is a brand based in Korea and I was always told that the brand was only found in Korea but when I was on Google, I found that Nordstrom actually has them on their site although the selection is limited.  

When I found their store at a department store in Myeongdong, I knew I had to snag a pair.  Their sunnies range in the same price range at about $200-$300 so these are definitely not on the affordable side but totally splurge-worthy.  I'm in love with the pink hues and the simple silver frames.  They also fit my Asian nose well probably because of the nosepads.  

Hope everyone is have a great month so far.  I've set up new goals for the year and I'm not letting anything get in the way! :)  I can't wait to have everything finalize so I can share what's going on in my life.  I only see exciting things coming for this year.  #positivevibes


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