Mimi's Mac Collection!!

Mariah has come through for her #lambily with her MAC collaboration and it is GORGEOUS!

I grew up listening to Mariah Carey and I've always been such a big fan of her songs and of course her voice.  

No, really.  I'm a big fan.

Believe me! 

It's just so convenient that I happen to love MAC cosmetics so when I heard this collection was going to come out, I had to get my hands on it even though I honestly didn't need anymore makeup. 


Even the boxes were fab.

Mariah Visuals at the MAC store

Loose Powder
I won't do a whole make-up review of this collection since there are thousands out there and plus, even if you wanted these after reading this, I don't even think they're available anymore.  If I'm wrong then I totally recommend that you get it because this collection is amazing and totally practical because the colors aren't too OUT THERE like the crazy black lipsticks Rihanna had a while back.

Not too clear but I have to say that the body glitter is my favorite because since it's a loose powder, you can even use it as a highlighter on your face.  The glitter isn't overpowering and actually fairly sheer.  It lasts me throughout the whole day but I'm not sure how it would hold on if I were sweating throughout the day. I love that it comes with a puff!  I always feel so glamorous whenever I use make up puffs. 

For the lipsticks, I chose DAHHLINGGG and MCIZZLE (gosh, I love these names).  I didn't want to get too adventurous with the darker shades so I stuck with these nude shades.  I honestly haven't tried these yet because they're too beautiful to use.  

For the glosses, I chose RAINBOW INTERLUDE and DREAMLOVER which are named after her songs.  I felt like these two would correlate well with the lipsticks I purchased.  I had a chance to try these both out and they are pretty sheer but you gotta love the glitter! 

I really wanted to get SWEET SWEET FANTASY for my blush choice because it's my favorite song but it was a bit too orange for me so I got YOU'VE GOT ME FEELING instead.  Honestly, nothing too special with this color but I like how it's a light shade so you can keep layering until you get the shade that you want.  I wish there were some shimmer in this but I can understand why they chose matte with everything else in this collection being glitter galore.  

I love the items that I chose and I wish I could've gotten the whole set but since this set conveniently came out during the holiday season, I'm already broke from Christmas shopping. :(  

Here's a link to her collection on MAC's online website: http://www.maccosmetics.com/collections-mac-mariah-carey
Majority of the collection is sold out but I believe there's a way to be wait listed? I don't know.  I'm a terrible beauty blogger.  

But how great it is to be back and blogging again! I really would love to make more time for this blog especially for the upcoming new year.  For my readers who are still with me, I love you all!  I still have people e-mailing me and encouraging me to keep writing and those e-mails are everything!  So, thank you <333 appy="" everyone="" holidays="" nbsp="" p="">


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