Quick Hair Update!

After a short month of debating whether or not to keep the hair I've been growing out for over a year, I decided to chop it off and try a new color.  

Because I had box dyed my hair a light brown, my stylist at Salon Blanc had to take out the red and totally start my hair off from point 0.  This meant a session of bleaching to obtain a platinum blonde and then toning and permanent coloring from there.  It was a long process and I love my stylist for being so patient with me.  

He did such a great job that I'm convinced he really does have magical powers.  I am a very picky person when it comes to hair.  It's generally known that a woman's hair is their treasure but for me, my hair grows insanely slow that one mistake with my hair and someone will definitely die.  I've had bad experiences with a lot of stylists so at the moment I only have two people I can trust with my mane.  

Anyway, just a quick share!  It's so nice to have my short hair back again.  I don't have to use much hair products now and my hair dries so quickly! I'm totally ready to take on the hot summer coming to Hawaii this year.  


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