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Editing the photos for this post, I've come to the realization that my readers are very familiar with my eyes and eyebrows. I've done multiple color lens reviews, eyeliner reviews, falsies review, and even an eyelash extension review. Even if I wore a surgical mask, I'm sure anyone can recognize me now. 

When I posted my last eyelash extension review in 2015, 
it was my second time getting them done and I thought I could keep it up not only financially but actually squeezing it into my schedule. Following the post 8 months after, I decided to stop getting them done for a few reasons:

1) I joined yoga in February 2016 and the membership eats up my pay checks. Namaste, doe. 

2) Didn't have the time. And if I did have time in the morning, I would have rather gone to yoga class instead.

3) My eyes were always itchy after showering and I even woke up one day with a fat right eyelid. When I asked about it, the esthetician said it was common. I didn't find that this could be normal.

Thus, you ask me...then why are you getting them done again one year later?

And then I give you another set of reasons:

1) Probably a petty reason but I wanted them done before my trip to Korea. I  missed the convenience of waking up with nice lashes!

2) Lava Day Spa offers Xtreme  lashes and their glue is made from natural ingredients as do all their products. 

3) Removing my extensions revealed a bald spot on my left (my left, not yours) eye that you can see in the photo below.


It's an empty space and my lashes are so sparse that not even mascara could fix the problem. I could only fix the problem with falsies which I never have the time to put on. 


The esthetician at Lava Day Spa was able to fill in the gaps which I was so pleased about. I was so self conscious about the quality and quantity of my lashes. Mascara just couldn't cut it. 


The process was very thorough and she would announce each step to me before performing it so it's never a surprise for me. I'm definitely crossing my fingers that this glue is the match for me because I want to keep these lashes. 


The Spa also offers massages, facials, and manis. It's a great one-stop place to get all your beauty needs. 
Book your appointment at:


Btw, I'm wearing new contacts I ordered from Honey Color. They're the RevoColour Romantic Sweet Choco. A little darker than I thought considering the picture looked like this:


I think this pair is great for that doll/plastic look. Not sure if it's totally me but I'm sure I'll need eye enlarging with certain make up styles :p 

Very excited for my trip tomorrow! I am all geared up with my new phone, SLR cameras and go pro. I'll make sure to capture each and every moment. :) see you when I get back!

With love,
Monica Ai


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