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Last year, I found a new addiction saves me from looking totally like a boy in the morning and also saves me time from getting ready in the morning.  A growing addiction for many girls these days--eyelash extensions has become a part of my monthly routine.  

When I heard about the idea of adding false lashes one-by-one to each lash every month, I thought it was a pointless procedure.  A total waste of money.  But then again, the feelings were mutual for gel nails; until I actually got them done and realized how important pampering yourself could make one feel more beautiful.

Overly anticipating the day, I had forgotten to take a before picture of my lashes.  It was a long process of consultation and application of eyelashes.  When I looked at the mirror afterward, I have to say that I was beyond happy.  Yes, I had stopped applying on falsies for a while but I did have withdrawals.  Seeing a full and long set of lashes and them actually appearing NATURAL, I thought to myself that I would work hard to maintain them.

So, two salons later, I am currently frequenting at La Pure with the lovely and talented Mami-san.  The relashing occurs every 3 weeks for an hour session.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  I fall asleep throughout most of it.

This is probably the best before picture I have in storage.  When I got my eyelash perm, it gave a natural curl but it really can't compare to having my lashes elongated and delicately fluttering naturally upwards.

Now, I can spend my days off without makeup (except for my eyebrows :P) and I have no need for eyelash curlers or mascaras!  Along with that, I rarely wear any eye make-up because I feel that it will defeat the natural-look.

For those who are skeptical of how great it is to have eyelash extensions, take it from me--the girl who hates to put on make-up every day and rarely has time to get her nails done.  Owning the I-woke-up-like-this-look and having all my clients at work ask me what mascara I use to get my eyelashes long . . . I MAKE THE TIME GURL!  

If you're a reader from Hawaii, I would definitely recommend going to Mami-san at La Pure:

La Pure Eyelash Extension
1441 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Contact: (808) 924-8422

For my readers from all over the world, eyelash extension has become so popular lately that I'm sure that you will be able to Google a salon nearby.  The main thing I would look out for is to make sure they're using the top quality eyelashes to avoid damages to your real eyelashes.  And I cannot stress enough to go ahead and rely on the reviews.  Read through them carefully and make the best judgement because eyelashes are so precious.  You wouldn't want just anyone messing with them.  

For those who have further questions, feel free to message me on my FB page:

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