Sponsored Review: EOS Fairy Blue


I'm here with a sponsored lens review.  Huge thanks to Honey Color for sponsoring these lenses to me.  

I've always been skeptical about blue lenses which is why I have never brought up the courage to purchase them.  I always felt like I did not have the face structure for blue eyes. When Honey Color sent in these, I was so excited to finally test this color out. 

Item name: EOS Fairy Blue
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Type: 1 year disposal 

There are a lot of similarities to the Adult Brown lenses I reviewed recently. The contact rims are not as defined as past circle lenses I've tried so it appears more naturally when worn.  As you can see, my eyes are dark brown yet the color is lifted completely into a sort of sky blue.  Most people would prefer a more opaque lens but I actually like the bright impact.

Comfort-wise, it's just like any other average lens that I've tried on.  After 5 hours it starts to dry up a little but I feel like all lenses are like that? 

And here is my first lens review using my new ring light! :D

AND a short video to see it in "action"! 

Purchase your pair now at Honey Color! 

I'm gonna go and shop for my halloween costume now :3 

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