REVIEW: EOS Adult Brown Contact Lenses

I've been noticing how monster-like I look in photos lately.  And because work is  so strict, I haven't had the balls to wear my circle lenses since I only own grey (review here) and green in enlarging styles.  I searched around the web for a more "professional" and natural pair of contacts and I must say that I am in love.

I present to you EOS Adult Brown contact lenses:

Indoor lighting

Diameter: 14.00mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

I wasn't looking for a slight change in eye color but I guess you could say I was searching for a drastic change but straying away from looking artificial.  Sounds a bit unimaginable but I'm sure you see what I mean now.  I kind of failed and forgot to take a picture of my normal eye color but for reference, they're dark brown. 

With flash

 The contacts accentuate my eyes so well that I tend to wear less eyeliner and natural shades of eyeshadow.  In other words less eye makeup.  Definitely will buy more pairs in the future! A total recommend for those who want to continue wearing colored contacts with their business casual clothes.  We all want a touch of trend no matter what, right?

Purchase your pair at Pinky Paradise or Honey Color!

So . . . as you may have heard, I reactivated comment on my blog! I apologize for the hiatus.  I was in the midst of training/apprenticeship courses for my job.  Hopefully I'll have more time to comment back to everyone. Thanks to all of those who have been sending me e-mails and comments on my FB and instagram twitter yada yada.

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