Luview Sponsored Review [and GIVEAWAY!]: Triple Baked Eye Shadow

Finally, a cosmetic review! And sponsored by LUVIEW who has been generously sponsoring my blog since last year. Look back on my previous reviews at the following links:


I'm going to be doing a brief review on LUVIEW's new eyeshadow line which released in 4 different color palettes.  The palette I tried on was the 04 Gold Brown (will try to review other colors soon!).  


Without eyeliner. アイラインなし。

I applied the colors with an eyeshadow brush but applying with my fingers were just as efficient.  I just didn't want to get my fingers dirty. lol
Did the usual gradation application with the lighter color on my eyebrow bone and inner corners of my eyes and the medium shade all over my eyelid then finishing off with the darker shade on the outer corners of my eyes.

色をアイシャドウブラシを使用してつけたんですけど、指でつけるもOKです。ただ、指を汚れて欲しくなかっただけですwww グラデーションアイシャドウでつけてみました。一番明るい色を目の端っこと眉骨。真ん中の色をまぶた全体にON。そして一番濃い色をアイラインのように塗る。

Complete eyemakeup. 完全アイメーク。

I love the colors! It's natural yet with a pinch of glamorous because of the glitter.  The three color shades can be worn separately or as a gradiation.

私はこの色が大好き!^^ ナチュラルだけど、アイシャドウにラメが入ってるのでちょっとだけグラマラスな雰囲気。三色の色合いは、個別にまたはグラデーションとしてつけることができます。

LUVIEW is sponsoring a giveaway for their new eyeshadow line! So you guys can try it out!

This giveaway on my page is only open to RESIDENTS IN JAPAN.  If you are an English speaker living in Japan, you may enter.  Just follow the instructions given in the above photo. :) I've provided the links to the Luview FB pages below. 

If you live elsewhere, please enter at another LUVIEW ANGEL's blog that you can find below according to where you live:

Global: Nic Nic
Korea: Yujin
Japan: Monica Ai
Philippines: Shimmerjjang Andhie
Indonesia: Lina Kim
Spain: Aikoneko
Russia: Elena
Taiwan: Lois
Germany: CutieLippi
USA: Jin
Malaysia: Tan Kim
Finland: Carita


I'll be picking 2 winners who will win all 4 color palettes.  All you have to do is "like" all the Luview FB pages below and write on the Global Luview page your nationality and why you "need Luview" or why you would want to try Luview.  Giveaway entries start from today (18th) until the 30th of this month.  Please remember to inform me when you enter by commenting this entry or emailing me at  Good luck guys!!

最後にLUVIEW GLOBALサイトにて、お名前、国籍、及びクチコミを書いてください。申し込んだ際、かならずMonrabuのブロクにコメントを残すか、monrabu@gmail.comまでメールをくださいね!
イベントは6月18~30日までです。 皆さんGood Luck!


d'aww you're so sweet! yeah i have a lot of make up too >< i need to find a giveaway for foundation though. running low on that hahaha

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