Luview Sponsored Review: Glossy Kiss

So, I spent the last few days freezing because Tokyo decided to drop drastically in temperature.  I really hate taking out my winter jackets because of those smelly moth balls. D;

Okay, I must do a quick review on another LUVIEW product before I go to bed because this lip gloss is AWESOME.  Seriously, my lips have never had such good chemistry with a lip gloss.  I have really dry lips and try not to wear lipstick, gloss, stain just because it would become dry and flaky.  But this lip gloss keeps  my lips moisturized at least for half the day which is much longer than others I've tried that only last an hour.  

ご機嫌よ~ 等々寒くなりましたね?


その商品とはLUVIEWのGlossy Kissです。 2色のリップグロスでビタミンEが入っているので唇に優しい。私が乾きやすいタイプなんで、普段1時間しか綺麗にもってないけど、このGlossy Kissでなんと6時間ぐらいもってました!一日中もつグロスってやっぱりないですね~(T__T)

LUVIEW Glossy Kiss (Top to B: Sweet pink & Rosy Pink)

There are two colors in one which is really handy for me because I tire easily with colors.  If I'm feeling sexy, I choose a darker shade; if I'm feeling cute, I go for the lighter shade.  I said "feeling" not "looking". lol


Although it's a slight difference, the darker shade outlines my lips more and the lighter erases  a lot of color. AND it's not sticky :O

違いはちょっと微妙だけど、濃いピンクの方(下の方)が唇をちゃんとアウトラインしています。 薄いピンクがちょっと色を消したみたいですね。それに、全然べたつかないです!!

Overall (全体): ★★★☆
Price(値段): ★★★☆ ($13.20.. For a gloss that matches my lips, this is really cheap for me) (¥1,600  2色入ってますので、かなりお得です!)
Pros (利点): Love the shades and how it doesn't get sticky. Lots of moisturizing (べたつかない、色の良さ、うるおい感)
Cons (欠点): Nothing in particular.  Maybe other colors? (得にありません。でも出来たら他の色も試したいですね。)

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最後にLUVIEW GLOBALサイトにて、お名前、国籍、及びクチコミを書いてください。当たりますと、出荷料を払えなければならいないので、ご注意ください。申し込んだ際、かならず私にご連絡くださいね~~
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Good luck! 

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