The foundation of foundation.

That is, primers.

When it comes to things I put on my face, I am very fussy of the products I choose.  My skin is sensitive in a way that any minute mismatched chemistry that occurs on my skin will cause all chaos and WAAAY too many problems.

I try to stick with products that or that my friends recommend.  Like I've mentioned before, having friends who work with cosmetics is such a perk for me.  Here is a product one of my girlfriends recommended to me that I plan to stay loyal to until the next "new" thing comes along:

Paul and Joe's Moisturizing Foundation Primer

The brand is definitely underrated in the U.S. for some odd reason.  What is not to love about their products?  Beautiful packaging, various lip colors for the cute & the sexy, affordable merchandise.  At times I wonder if this brand and Anna Sui are somehow connected.  Hmmm . .  .

What I love about this primer?  It's lightweight with a tint of color which helps start off the coverage on your skin.  There's a bit of shimmer to the lotion for that glow that all girls want in their skin.

I have no idea why my skin appears so tanned in these pictures but here you can see that the primer is more of a moisturizing lotion rather than a creamy formula.  Although I cannot prove it with photos, the primer does help my makeup stay on longer and my face does not become as oily as it did before.  I can go through an 8-hour work day and would only have to touch up once in-between!  

Here's another fun fact that will convince everyone to try it out: this product has been placed 2nd on!  (Proof, man:

I'm sure it may be difficult to find Paul and Joe products in the U.S. or even internationally.  I did find a site that was selling it.  (  Hope you guys get a chance to try this primer out because it is just amazing! 

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