Freshest Sushi in Town

I am the ultimate sushi whore.

I love sushi so much that the only two restaurant jobs I've had were both at sushi bars.  But then I realized I had a hard time serving something that I was so tempted to eat myself.

Fish appetizer
When anyone visiting or even locals ask me where I like to eat sushi, I always say Mitch's Sushi is the place to go.  I even recommend them to Japanese tourist!

Yuzu flavored iichiko exclusive to Hawaii.

The restaurant is located from the airpot just 5 mins away by car.  So, technically, you know that the fish is the most fresh you can get because it's delivered from the airplane daily in just 5 mins.  

I always get their chef's course (omakase) which comes with an appetizer, grilled fish, assorted sashimi and sushi and finished off with an awesome lobster miso soup.  I always opt out of the abalone set.  I still haven't developed an appreciation for it I guess. 

Some may believe the prices are a bit more than they are willing to pay but real sushi lovers will spend whatever it takes to get the best of the best.  And believe me, this is always a meal well spent.  

Assorted sashimi 

Grilled salmon belly

Assorted sushi

Lobster miso soup

Not included in the meal but I always love add-ons!  This Van van is the best :3

Can't have enough unagi

If you were to ask me what my favorite sushi was, it would probably be between uni or unagi.  The tastier (and I guess stinkier) the better for me!  

What's your favorite sushi? 

Supposedly, I have my comment section back up so if there are any readers left out there please leave a message! . . . maybe you can answer the question I prompted above :)

Mitch's Sushi
524 Ohohia Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

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