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Yes, it's been a damn long time. 
I don't know what it is really. It seems that more people are substantially on Instagram and Snapchat rather than actually reading blogs. Does anyone remember when was the last time they actually read a whole blog entry? 

I do feel that pictures really do speak a thousand words. HOWEVER it's just depressing that no one ever writes anymore except for the small little box given to them or the short sentence they can slab on a picture that will only be posted for a day. 

Have we really come to a generation where everything has to be short and concise? I'm sure photos that are posted were well thought out and tediously edited.  But that for a short burst of fame and a double tap recognition? 

I missed when Xanga was a thing. I missed when LiveJournal was a thing. 

It was so personal and detailed. You could totally see a person's true personality and their level of intelligence and creativity just by visiting their blog. On Instagram, people try to hard to carbon copy themselves from other well-known profiles.  Sure, you'll see photos being posted of random outings with friends with generic caption which would be more along the lines of "Dinner with @friendsname! Had a great time #gno #dinner #irrelevanthashtag".  But what else would the readers know about it. And more importantly, would you remember what happened during that dinner? I think blogs/diaries are a great way to remind yourself of how much fun (or how terrible) that day was.

I recently met the cutest elderly man the other day during a birthday dinner. He shared with me his diary that he had kept for the past 30 years. Every day, he would write what he ate, where he ate, and who he ate with. If possible, he would take a picture with them. There would be certain notes he would jot down about that person in hopes that he could one day look back on his life and all the people and food he has been blessed with. That night, we took a group photo and I was so honored to be apart of his recollection book. I thought it was the most ingenious yet sweetest thing. 

Sunnies: ANDIE by Jimmy Choo

With that being said, although I don't have as much time as I used to whilst living in Japan, I can surely say that I haven't given up blogging.  Though now sporadic more than ever, this blog that I started over 4 years ago really is a part of me.  Despite the fact that I know this blog has a slim chance of being popular again, I'm doing this for myself.  The creativity within me needs a means of being expressed and Instagram and Snapchat won't cut it.  I'm sure that one day I'll look back on this blog just as he did with his recollection book. :)

I'm totally feeling nostalgic right now typing in this entry box.  There's some sort of comfort in this familiarity.  Is that strange? haha

So, the primary purpose of this entry was actually to share my photos taken during my "Cat Party" walk with my cat buddy, Julio.  I somehow got a bit passionate earlier.  

We finally found time to get together and take photos and I was excited to be able to post them on this blog.  The photos came out great and I love Julio because it's rare to capture nice (more like acceptable) candid photos with me and he does it!  How do you like the forest photos?  It was such an unique experience for me to shoot in nature for once.  

I'm debating on re-opening a comment system on my blog but quite afraid of the embarrassment that no one will even comment.  Would love to know what the readers would like me to blog about more.  If there are any readers .  . . *rolls eyes*.  I'll keep the commenting system up in the air for now.

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Sunglasses - ANDIE by Jimmy Choo
Wedges - PELA by Jimmy Choo

Top and bralette - Forever21
Shorts - Brandy Melville
Sandals - MYRIAD by Jimmy Choo
Small canvas tote - Handmade by local designer, De Costa (

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