Photoshoot Vlog at Kakaako!

During our photoshoot in my previous post, Julio brought his GoPro Silver to document the whole day.  I've been watching his GoPro videos as well as other travel GoPro videos and it inspired me to get back into Vlogging and I actually did purchase my own GoPro HERO 4.  

I'm super duper stoked to use it during my trip next month to Tokyo.  I haven't been back since I moved to Hawaii and it has been a very long 4 years.  I'm still in the midst of planning it out because it'll only be for a brief week.  Going back through my old post, I really do miss blogging about life in Japan because it was so exciting!  Every corner you turned was a new adventure.  Hawaii is beautiful; but I must say that I'm much more of a city person.  Oh goodness . . .I will stop right there before I ramble on about my life and just get onto the video:

Thanks again, Julio!  

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