Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Review (Sepia & Pure Hollywood)

To say the least, this past week was an utter disaster.  Unfortunate events occurring one after another with one being eye stye!  It's one of those weeks where you've had to many things happen that you fear for even stepping one foot out that door and decide to hermit at home.  I'm sure everyone has that one week, month, or--god forbid--year that nothing just doesn't seem to go right.  Just as though you and everything around you were spiraling down a toilet bowl.  Things just seem so tight and tense. Currents too strong to withstand to the point where you simply just have to stop fighting it and let everything flow naturally. 

Into the sewer.

I'm currently out of the sewer and going through some emotional ups and downs.  I started to question if there were any deep explanation to last week's brutality while I stand still amongst the wreckage.  Alright; maybe I'm over-exagerating.  There are a bunch of elements that occurred recently to have me pondering on my life thus far and what is to happen next.  Is this what they call mid-life crisis?   

I feel like I'm digging myself into a depressing post to cutting short, I've been trying to center myself with yoga and occasional retail therapy.  I recently have gotten tired of trying to run through my MAC lipsticks and decided to try something new.

Anastasia's liquid lipstick line is the best thing ever.  I'm not sure how long liquid lipsticks have been around but I have to say that I prefer these rather than the traditional lipsticks.  

Most of the time out of laziness, I hardly wear lipstick.  My lips naturally have a rosy pink tone to it so I end up wearing light makeup and lip chap.  But when I grow tired of my lip color, it's always nice to play around with new pigments.

The first test was Pure Hollywood.  With one application, my lips turned dusty rose nude.  I applied the lipstick as I would with lipgloss; tracing the lines of my lips with ease.  Needless to say that lip liners are not necessary.

A before-after collage.  Middle photo taken indoors and far right photo taken directly in sunlight.  

Here is the color after two applications.  It's almost as if I have no lips HAHA
Although, I do like the nude, no-lip look.  Especially since I sometimes wish I had smaller lips.  

A swatch of Pure Hollywood and Sepia #nofilter

So, Sepia is a more drastic color that seems like a mix between purple and brown upon one application.  

I am quite fond with this color to be truly honest!  I've always been more attractive to darker tones rather than bright colors like hot pink or fire engine red.  

This was taken after I had a meal and drinks.  You can see that the outer lines stay on which is amusing seeing that I did not even use a liner.  Wasn't the darker outline a fad back in the 90s?  Maybe it's time to bring it back 8)

Albeit, there are some pros and cons for this line:

- Long-lasting color even after having lunch
- Easy application
- Liners optional.  I could do without it anyway

- A bit drying.  As you can see in the photos above that there are evident cracks in my lips. 
I will probably have to invest in a primer before anyone quotes me on this.
- Lip markings are left everywhere as would lip gloss.  

What do you guys think of these shades?  I'd love to see more people wearing these lipsticks and hear their feedbacks!

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