My Closet: Dusting it off

This post is so ridiculously overdue.  Before writing this post, I checked back and found that my last "My Closet" was back in 2013!  After working for a company that provides you uniforms, I not only had my days off to dress up but I somehow got to the point of losing motivation to be fashionable.  

And within these last 2 years, I only managed to snap the following few photos. . . with different hairstyles.

Dior's 2014 Summer Collection by Raf Simmons.  The button down dress was the most flattering dress I've ever worn.  Raf is a total jealous when it comes to manipulating a woman's figure.

In beginning of 2014, I had probably my 3rd cup of coffee in my life.  This was jut so I could stay awake through a work training and I have to say that I fell in love with it.  I drank it on the daily and got to the point where I relied on it to keep my day going.  Hence the reason why I bought this shirt.
I've slowly cut down to one coffee and week because I've always hated the idea of being overly addicted to ANYTHING.

I also found my love for circular shaped sunglasses. 

So, here I am wondering when I had a Samsung and especially that case!  It most have been a short-lived period with that phone (iPhone forever!).  I bought this top after taking this picture and could not bring myself to wear it in public yet.  I NEED NICE ABS!

One of my good friends established his own brand and I was able to get my hands on one of his works that I really love!  It's surprisingly difficult to find a plain romper anywhere.  I love this romper because it's so comfy and free!  The back of the romper is super cute but I had forgotten to take a picture of it at the time.

I take a lot of my photos now in dressing rooms haha
Here's me in my Vivienne Westwood dress and my favorite Dior clutch. Oh, and long hair.

Pleather leggings with the infamous cross strap bra top.  Super comfy outfit!

Trying to explore more of the color palette . . .


Here are my pleather leggings again and a scarf to pair with my outfit because it was a bit chillier during the beginning of this year.

This is the outfit I wore for my 2nd anni with mah bay bay.  Probably the first Bebe dress I've ever bought and I love it!  This dress always reminds me of the great service I got that day.  The salesperson literally recommended me the whole store and worked with me patiently for almost an hour!  Being a salesperson myself, I was blown away.

And that concludes this edition of "My Closet".  Writing this blog really has inspired me to get back into dressing up and recording all my outfits throughout to the year.  You only live once . . . why not live it fashionably?

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