Girl addictions: nails

This past week I decided to get my nails done because I felt like I deserved it for not ever having them done in my life.  It was an experience. I've never seen my nails this nice and perfectly shaped.

I didn't get extensions since my nails are naturally long. I decided on a design that's simple and incorporate my favorite pastel colors. 

I decided to try out salon glitter since the other salon I wanted to go to was closed since it was Sunday. Reservations were made easily that day and the staff greater me right away. Everyone seemed genuinely kind and my nail artist was friendly which made the time go by quickly.

One should allow themselves some alone time to admire their freshly manicured hands before driving.  There were numerous times I was close to getting yo an accident because I could not keep my eyes off my beautiful nails.  

I'm addicted and I finally understand why girls like to have their nails did.

Salon Glitter
(This nail set was only $65!)


I'm trying this app where I can blog from my iPad.  Pretty interesting and convenient but I can't but feel like there's something missing... 


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