Hawaiian May 2013 Fashion Show

. . . was the bomb-digity!

Many famous Japanese models were there and some who I've always admired since I was a teenager.  I mainly came to support my girl friend who was walking down the runway so I thank for the awesome VIP seating!

Hula dancing

The girls and I and our alkies 

Michibata Jessica, Ebihara Yuri, Ogura Yuko, Youn-A.

Aren't they just stunning?  Just as you see them in magazines and such, they are flawless and bodies to perfection--like living dolls.  I must add that Youn-A has legs for miles and miles!  I think she had the best body out of all the models.  

Special guest appearance by Paris Hilton. She was adorable and I can't help but call her a Barbie because she just looks like one!  Seems like she put on some weight for the show which in my opinion makes her look healthy and beautiful. 

Here is my friend walking angelically down the runway.  My friends and I went fangirl crazy screaming out her name.  

Yoshikawa Hinano

Moe Oshikiri

Ugh.  So mofo gorgeous.  I'm a big fan of Fujii Lena and her adorable smile and unique beauty marks.  I mean, who isn't?  She did seem really thin in person, though.  I still love her nonetheless.  

Models tossing a few freebies


Grand Finale

Hawaiian May was such a great experience for me who has never attended an actual fashion show.  I saw a lot of old friends there (even friends from Japan!), drank to hearts content, and now have been inspired to lose weight.  :P  Sorry for such a short blog post.  I thought these kind of blogs are better off being photo blogs anyway.

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