I have not seen a couple weeks pass by so quickly.  I've been going around the whole city looking for apartments, interviewing hopelessly here and there, visiting a million of different banks, working unreasonable hours and trying to squeeze some fun in between.  BUT IT WON'T FIT.

I received a couple of e-mails--half business and half social.  Despite the significantly decreased comment counts on my entries, I still receive a lot of e-mails from readers and companies.  I want to thank everyone that reads my blog whether you comment or not because I know you guys do.  Well, that's what my weekly statistics say.  So thank you guys for sticking with me!  I'm planning to do a giveaway as soon as things settle down so keep sticking to me. :D

This is such an overdue post.  You can tell by my hair color and cut in the picture below but this was taken all back in January.  My boyfriend and I just so happened to have a day off together and decided to go on another adventure . . . to Kailua. 

There's just something about Kailua that makes you feel warm-hearted and just so at ease.  Since it's quite a drive away from the city, the people are definitely going to be different.  I find the service better and the people more friendly.  

I've always wanted to try out this famous pancake hour called Boots & Kimos. All my friends would be in shock whenever I mentioned that I've never been there.  Even Japanese tourists laugh at that fact.  I have my reasons though:

1. I live far away from there.
2. I was never a pancake person until recently.
3. You gotta arrive there early.
4. Even if you get there early, you have to wait a long time.

So, what made me change my mind this time?

This video at 0:17. 



We got the menu and were in awe by the variety of choices.  But my mind was set. 


Oh, I forgot to mention that the wait was about 20mins because it was only two of us.  We got there at around 9am.  Not too bad. 

This is what my boyfriend ordered and I have to say that fried rice was bomb as well.  But if any of you get the chance to visit, you DEFINITELY need to try the Macadamia Nut Pancakes. 

Boots & Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen
Location: 151 Hekili St. Kailua, Hawaii 96734 (Next to Macys and Teddy's Big Burger)
Price: Affordable.  Looking at $15 per person at least
Advice/Recommendation: Get there early and bring something to shade yourself with since the wait is outside.  ORDER THE MACADAMIA NUT PANCAKES. 

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