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I feel like I'm never satisfied with any job that I get.  I'm always striving, aiming for something even bigger each time.  My expectations are always high and I feel like no job has met them yet.  As a result, I'm back on the hunt again and as excited as I am to move on to possibly better things, I'm also nervous and a bit unconfident.  That's something I really need to change about myself.  

Anyhoo, I'm here to do a sponsored review that has nothing to do with fashion or make-up.  Well, I guess you can say it's partially for fashion if you like to carry around your iPad like a clutch outdoors. 

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend surprised me with an iPad mini.  I never requested or even hinted to him about getting an iPad for me because I honestly thought I'd have no actual use for it.  But I find it quite handy now that I have schedules to keep organized and email to check constantly.  To think that I've become so lazy as to turn on my computer. :P

The Snugg has sponsored me one of their signature cases.  They have a selection of cases and accessories for your tablets, smartphones, kindles, etc.  These cases are made of PU leather which is a synthetic leather and I feel like it's very light weight.

I really like the sleep/wake function of this case.  The sleep/wake function basically means that the iPad turns on and off when you open or close the front lid so you don't have to bother with constantly pressing the lock button.  

I also like the elastic grip on the back which makes it easy to hold on to the iPad when you're standing up and even when you're lying on your bed so you don't drop it on your face like how I always do.  

And of course, every case should always have a stand. This comes in handing when you're Skyping, watching YouTube or even typing on your iPad. 

There's also a holder for your stylus but I already bought a stylus that attaches to my headphone port. 8D

Get your own iPad mini case here (or if you want to pay through amazon, click here) or find a case fit for your electronic goods here.  Always good to keep protected ;) 

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