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  Yes, I know that it's frowned upon but I do use oil cleansers.  With all the makeup that I cake on throughout the day--once in the morning and more layers of touchup after--I need the real deal makeup remover.  I recently picked up Sephora's Supreme Cleansing Oil just to simply get my hands on a cleanser that I can use before my Clarisonic regime.  

What's different about this cleanser is that it transforms into a white gel once you apply a little water to the solution making it more smoother for you to cleanse around your face.  It only takes a pump or two at a time to cleanse off majority of the lovely chemicals you pack on your face.  After cleansing, I wash everything off with warm water and wipe it off with a tissue lightly and then proceed with the Clarisonic.  I don't think just this one bottle will do justice but it does help keep my Clarisonic brush clean.  

Get your bottle at your local Sephora store or get it online here:

Another product I picked up recently is this eye make-up remover from No7.  Now, this is a brand that I bet none of you have never heard of.  The only place that I was able to find this brand was at Target.  I have been looking for the past 30 mins for a website or some sort of information about this brand but to no avail.  They seem to have a lot of products on the market, though.  My co-worker recommended me this No7 Beautiful Skin make-up remover as an inexpensive yet effective solution.  Here's my attempt at being a trendy beauty blogger by taking a picture with me using the product. 

iPhone cameras are easier for selca pictures 

In two swipes, I got this much junk off of my eye and lashes. 

Here's a closeup HD view of how much eye makeup came off.  Pretty good for just $8 :)

or at your local Target store.

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