Just when I thought

Just when I thought my hair could not get any shorter . . .

I went out and got my hair did once again.  So much for growing out my hair to get the medium length bob I wanted.  This was totally on a whim and even now I wonder why I threw myself to get this cut.  Kind of like feeling you get when you make a big purchase because the sales person pitched the product to you well and you're like wtf what did I just do.  

I have mixed feelings for this cut as everyone else does.  Girls love it, boys tell me I should've grown it out.  But honestly, the only opinion that I rely on is my boyfriend's and the first thing he said was "You look so cute! You look Japanese now."  I guess that's a win for me. :) 

After this, no more cutting my hair until December at least!  Wish me luck! haha

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