Probably one of the most well-known lip glosses out there. With Chanel products, you basically can't go wrong.  After trying out so many glosses, I find that even if you splurge on high-end brands such as Dior, Lancome, et cetera, you never seem to get your moneys worth.  I was a little hesistant to purchase this gloss because I was worried it would be the same and my lips would end up drying out.  Since I get discount on these products and my friends have recommended it to me, I decided to try it out.

And of course, I loved it.  When it comes to lip color, I'm always at a lost.  There are so many colors out there and depending on the color of your lips, looks can be deceiving.  So, I decided to try out about eight different shades and ended up giving up and asking the sales associate which shades were the best sellers.

I decided on this shade because it wasn't too gaudy or too glitter sparkle sparkle bling bling.  It's very neutral yet takes away some color from my regular shade.  What I love about this gloss is that it lasts longer AND isn't sticky.  That's a big factor for me with glosses is that I hate when my lips pry on to each other when I try to talk or my hair sticks to my lips.

I also recently purchased something else from Chanel that I will try to review as soon as I find out how to properly apply it. I'm such a noob but I really need to start studying from my makeup gurus :)

Purchase yours here:

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