SPONSORED REVIEW: Galactic Flash Brown Contact Lens

I think the first pair of contact lenses I've tried were brown.  Out of all the colors I've tried out, I feel like brown eyes are the one for me.  Good thing with brown is that it matches almost any skin or hair color.  So far, I have only tried out two different styles of brown and these are my 3rd pair.

Galactic Flash- Brown

Origin: South Korea
Manufacturer: Dueba Contact Lens
Water contect: 38-48% 
Diameter: 14.5
Base curve: 8.8
Duration: 1 year disposable
Bare eyes. 

I guess I'm naturally drawn to Dueba contact lenses because their style seems more fit for my small Asian eyes.  At first, I thought these lenses would appear more enlarged on my eyes but they seem to balance out quite well with the white of my eyes.  Unlike these holy shit contacts

Photo courtesy of BEAUTY LENSES

 I also love how Park Bom from 2NE1 uses these lenses as well.  Although she looks waaaay better with them than I do because of her large eyes and beautiful make up . . . and face . . . and everything.

And in bathroom lighting

Thank you to Beautylenses.com (linked to kpoptown.com where you can get all your kpop needs) for sponsoring these lenses to me.  Also, don't forget to check out BEAUTY LENSES Facebook page to keep updated on events & new products. ^^

What's even more better about these contacts is that they only cost $14.90!  
1 year disposable, comfort and perfect enlargement.  Get your pair here! http://www.beautylenses.com/idol-s-style/122-galactic-flash-brown.html

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