Let me just start off with a belated "Happy New Year" to all my readers!  A few weeks into the new year and I have so many resolutions that I hope I will keep up until the very end.  But we all know that no one really keeps up with their resolutions.  I'm such an unmotivated & undedicated person it's disappointing.  BUT NOT THIS YEAR. >:) 

There's a mofo eyelash on my lens!! :O 

So, here is a review I put off for a while because of my heavy work schedule as well as dealing with certain issues I've been having recently.  I want to thank Pinky Paradise once again for sponsoring me. They have been sponsoring me lenses and hosting giveaways for my blog and I would like to extend my gratitude to them. :) 

My boyfriend picked this pair out for me because I had no idea which pair to try.  There's so many selection of circle lens these days!  

Bare eyes. 
Room light. 

With flash.

For some reason these lens look more like a dark green rather than grey.  I do like how it doesn't make my eyes look TOO anime-like since the rim is thinner than usual and the diameter isn't taking up 90% of my eyeball.  

Get your pair here (http://www.pinkyparadise.com/G_G_BT03_Grey_p/c4-bt03-grey.htm) and check out other styles at PinkyParadise.com

Alright, guys! I gotta get ready for my date tonight :3  Until next time! 

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