After dark skin regime

Overexposed selca because I haz no makeup on.
As I go into the last week of the month and realize that another birthday has passed, I am definitely noticing some evident aging.  Whether it's because of age or because of stress, I'm recently in emergency mode.  I say emergency because I honestly haven't been the best with taking care of my skin since coming back to Hawaii.  I notice that there is less shit given for such things here seeing that we have "perfect" weather and everyone rather been tanning out in the sun.  Why would anyone want to whiten their skin?  Why put so many costly chemicals on our faces? 

Well, I say why not?  Why take the chance of early age spotting and wrinkles?  Who knows, maybe we are just wasting our time and money.  I still believe that all this pampering should be good for something.  Or at least from the results I've been seeing lately.  

I would like to share my daily night time regime with my readers even if I may be skipping or switching step processes.  I only practice what I've learn--especially after working with the ladies in the beauty department at work. 

Step 1.  Wash all the shit off your face.

I am not one to sleep with my makeup on.  No matter what happens, no matter how tired or wasted drunk I am, I never skip makeup removal.  The biggest reason is because there's always a 99% chance that I'll wake up with unwelcoming new pimples.  

A lady at SEPHORA recommended this Waterproof eye makeup remover which I fell in love with instantly.  Takes everything off in two swipes (although she said it would in one) and it's affordable! You can also apply this even with your contacts on :O  But I usually take off my contacts before all this so it really doesn't matter to me. 

Clarisonic was welcomed into my regime family a few months ago and I must say it is one of the best investments I've ever made.  Sure, it's costly but it beats washing your face over and over and wiping your face on your towel realizing that you still have brown residue on your face.  I like to pair this with Philosophy's Purity facial cleanser.  Takes off everything in one session.  

Step 2. Get back in balance

I like to use two types of toners after cleansing.  I was recently introduced to my new favorite brand, Estée Lauder, and I'm just in love with how all their products go well with my skin.  Most brands I've used either make me break out or dry my skin out.   I like to use this Perfectly Clean Balancing Lotion to wipe around my face, along my neckline and sometimes in the back of my ears.  Then I splash/pat on some Face Shop's RICE moisture toner on my face. 

This is a step I used to skip out on a lot.  It's really important to do this stop to balance out your pH levels in your skin that was altered while you were cleansing your face.  

Step 3. Reparation with your skin

This step is the step that others (especially men) would find unnecessary.  But this is a step that I find very crucial if you want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  I apply Estée Lauder's #1 serum, Advanced Night Repair, around my face and then use my Clarisonic Opal to massaging yet again another Estée Lauder product in my face.  This is the Advanced Night Repair Eye cream.  

What I like about the Advanced Night Repair cream is that it smoothens your skin right after application.  And the next morning, you find that your skin looks a little brighter and moisturized.  As for the eye cream, pairing it with the opal does miracles with your dark circles.  I find less fine lines when I smile and I always feel refreshed after each opal session. 

Step 4. Quench your skin's thirst

Even with all that balancing and repairing, moisturizing is one of the most important steps at least for me because I have oily skin.  A lot of people believe that mixing oil with cream will just make you more oily but in actuality, that oil on your face is the oil your skin produces because YOU LIVE YOUR SKIN THIRSTY! I love to use Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel (they need shorter names for these creams).  This cream is generally directed to people with oily skin but also for combination skin as well.  And for those time of the month or when I'm just annoyingly breaking out for no reason, I like to dab on DHC's Olive Virgin Oil or tea tree oil on infected areas and pray that it will disappear the next day which happens most of the time.  

And after all this, I look at my boyfriend who was watching TV while waiting for me to be done and brag about how fast I finished all these steps compared to other nights.  He's probably the only guy who has been so patient and understanding with my skin care needs.  Das why I lub him. :3 

Well, that's my skin care regime that I've been doing for the past month and I must say that there is a huge difference.  I also break out less and look more refreshed in the morning despite not getting enough sleep.  

It's been a looooong time since I've done a beauty/beauty product review post and I hope you all enjoyed reading and maybe learned a thing or two or maybe even want to try these products out.  Feel free to message me on FB, Instagram or Twitter if you have any questions or even any suggestions for me.

Until we meet again,

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