Taste of Mexico & Hawaii.

Aside from slaving at my job 40+ hours a week, I still try to squeeze in some time for good fun and good food.  I've come to realize that there is lack of things to do in Hawaii after you've lived here for so long.  The only thing I can really do these days is find new eateries.

My boyfriend and I finally had a day off together and decided to drive around the island in search of dishes that can only be acquired on days such as this.  Well, Hawaii isn't that vast of an area yet being local here, we rarely find time to actually go that extra mile--literally.

Our first top was the beach where we held hands and walked along the shorelines and all that mushy lovey dovey stuff. 

I am not one to travel outside the city but when I do, I try to find the best restaurants.  I feel like the more authentic eateries are located outside the city.  My boyfriend and I were craving something spicy so he suggested that we come here to Cholo's to eat some authentic Mexican food.

The staff were so down to earth and explained the menu in full detail.  They convinced us to try their classic margarita.  It was still 10 in the morning. bwaha. 

We decided on the enchilada and chimichanga. The taste was something I've never experienced (since I've only been to Taco Bell) and the hot sauce was definitely HOT.  My favorite would probably be the homemade guacamole sauce.  My mouth waters just thinking about it again. :P  

Later on in the day we decided to snack again.  A lot of my friends are surprised that I have never tried Hawaii's famous Kahuku shrimp.  I guess the reason for not trying them was that I was never a big fan of shrimp.  Call me a princess but I would only eat shrimp if someone peeled it for me.  Never thought the taste of shrimp was worth the peeling effort. 

Everyone said it's a must so decided "why not?".  We ordered the garlic butter shrimp and by the time we got there the place was packed with locals and tourists.  

We got the shrimp to take-out and ate near the ocean. I have to admit that the shrimp was pretty damn good.  Of course, my boyfriend peeled them for me but I would have to say that these shrimps are worth the peeling time and effort. :3 Definitely a repeater. 

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