First of all, I want to wish everyone a Merry Belated Christmas! This Christmas didn't impact me as much this year because of of everything that has been happening recently.  

Nonetheless, I got to spend it with family and with my boyfriend.  That's all I could ask for Christmas this year.  The year is almost at its end and how I can't wait for this horrendous year to end.  Hoping for a close-to-normal new year surrounded by positive people.  

With that said, I wish the same for everyone else and hope my readers will stay with me for the upcoming year as well. :)

I've recently got sponsored by LoveShoppingholics.com which is a great site to buy your lenses from as well as Japanaese cosmetic products, fashion & beauty goods.  They have sponsored me with a new pair of grey lenses that I love because it doesn't look as unnatural even if it enlarges your eyes.  It also helps that there isn't a solid black rim on these because those tend to make my eyes look anime-like. 

Item name: EOS Bubble Gray 
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 45%
Type: 1 year disposal 

    Here you can see the enlargement of my eyes.  These contacts make me have that teary googly eye effect.  LOVES IT.  Totally in love with all the EOS series thus far.

    Get your pair here for only $18.99 (promotional price)! 

    Also, look at these awesome Skeleton Tights I found on their site :O

    Alright, readers! See you next year!

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