Testing Ring Light & New Stuff


I recently purchased a ring light and decided to test it out so here are my guinea pig pictures: 



We don't know how to use the timer apparently 
Picture fitting for this month. 

And a video:

I really need to get used to speaking in front of the camera. D:

But just to recap:

  • Purchased a new ring light and am still getting accustomed to it; especially trying not to get blind when filming from the brightness.  
  • My hair is a lighter shade and I chopped off some hair to get rid of the asymmetric hair.  I was worried that I would get scolded at work for this unnatural color but everyone seems to like it :3
  • Opened up two piercings on my cartilage and did not expect it to swell up as much as it did but it's all fine and gravy now.  Planning to open up one more piercing and then I'll be done for life (hopefully). 
Just 8 more posts left until my 200th post!  Are you ready for the giveaway?! 

Also, Honey Color has kindly sponsored me an awesome color contact lens that I will review very soon! 

Have a nice week everyone~.  Thanks for reading my nonsense blog! 

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