A filling dinner for two.

Picked up a box of these do-it-yourself "cooking" kits from our local Japanese grocer.  It looked adorable and fun so decided what the hell.  Japan never fails on making their packaging so kawaii. 

Box contents.  A bunch of packages of powder mixes for each ingredient and mixing trays and utensils. 

A lot of it was just mixing and microwaving. Makes you feel like a real cook! ;) bwaha. ha. 

Of course, my lovely assistant was there to help make the food & eat it.  And this is how it came out: 


Surprisingly, everything tasted similar to what it should've tasted like.  The french fries tasted like potatoes, soda tasted like soda candy and the burger taste like bread with ketchup.  I'm pretty sure this set was intended for kids but it was actually a challenge since there were so many steps.  

That's all I wanted to share. 

And Happy Halloween to y'all! Let's have a safe night whether you're wasted or sober.  

I always vant to suck your vlood. 


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