September is here!

September has always been one of the busiest month of the year for me.  Tons of birthdays which means party after party.  Thus, I must watch my diet and my wallet.  I also associate Septembers with the start of a school semester which doesn't mean anything to me now. :P But I do start my training next week! :D 

I'm really blessed to be surrounded by such good company.  As much as I loved Japan, the culture, the fashion, the people, nothing can compare to the hospitality and comfort I receive from my friends and family here in Hawaii whom have shown me the epitome of aloha. I could have never gotten through these rough times without them and this is a fact because you would not believe how desolate and weak I was in Japan.  There was a point where I wasn't eating nor sleeping a wink.  A complete train wreck.  

Speaking of good company, I had a little blog meetup (again) a few weeks ago and finally had the chance to meet up with Haylee from pinkuchuchu (formally known as Hello Haylee) with Juvy & Janis

Haylee's trendy arms.

She was such a sweetheart as I had imagined and had maddddd style.  I'm a bit proud in saying that my friends are all really fashionable. :3 It's definitely something to boast about. 

Derping in the car. 


Another fun-filled day with my girlies.  Unfortunately, Janis and Haylee returned to the mainland and it'll be a while until we reunite again but I'm super excited for that day to come! ^^  

And here are random outfit pictures that we took at night. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!  

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