OOTD with Groovy Juvy


So, I just realized that I am nearing 200 posts!!  How should I celebrate?  Perhaps with a giveaway? Stick around because I still have 12 more posts to go. loll

Just wanted to share some photos from a spontaneous photoshoot I did with none other than Groovy Juvy.

You know you love this . . . and my socks.

Luna wanted to model to. 

My polka dot wall is almost completed!  It's so tiring cutting up all those circles . . .

Juvy's lumberjack outfit. 


Spike headband, studded bracelet, cross chain necklace - Forever 21
Asymmetric long tank - Momo
Tights - generic brand
Vest - DIY
Creeper - I forgot. lol
Cross ring - gift from Juvy :3 

I finally started at my new job this week and as tiring and ridiculously busy the store can get, I have to say that I love working in an actual company again.  I've already made a lot of new friends there and bought a lot of nice stuff as you may have seen on my Instagram. I'm really gaining great experience every day and it's something I'm truly grateful for.  :3 

Btw, if you guys haven't yet, please "like" my FB fan page! I always update that page whenever I make a post. :)  I was thinking of doing a giveaway once I reach 100 likes on that page or on my 200th post; whichever comes first. 

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

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