Kit Kats All Over Japan.

All of you must know that when it comes to Kit Kats, Japan has the whole array of them.  While in Japan, I had the chance to try all the different exotic flavors.  All of which led me to say "MMMMM!!" or "Wow . . . that's different".  

Why is it that only Japan explores different flavors for this American based brand? I would like to know as well. There are also brands like Coca Cola, Pringles, Oreos, etc. that have been experimented on by these Japanese candy/snackmakers. 

Decided to splurge on my final days in Japan and buy this value box consisting of all the current flavors from each prefecture in Japan.  Most of the flavors were based on famous dishes from their specific area.  

They came in cute little drawer boxes, neatly organized.  

Of course, I didn't nom on all these all by myself. But I did eat half of it. :P 

I'm on my last week at my current job and will be leaving and starting a new career next week!  It's a job that I've been dreaming to do and I can't wait to start an actual career again.  It's been nearly half a year since I've worked under a contract.  Helloooooo opportunities (and benefits)!! 

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