Gyaru Goes Around the World!

I had the pleasure of meeting Blogger & Facebook famous, Kayo, during her stop in Hawaii last week.  Kayo is a gyaru from the suburbs of Yamagata, Japan.  Her love for gyaru fashion sparked her journey to go around the world and meet other gyaru girls such as herself.  The itinerary she put together for her journey consisted of stops in Europe, Asia, and North America.  

Here' the list if you're interested:

☆Taipei (Taiwan)
☆Shanghai (China)
☆Soul (Korea)
☆Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
☆Bangkok (Thal)
☆Stockholm (Sweden)
☆London (UK)
☆Paris (France)
☆Barcelona (Spain)
☆Rome (Italy)
☆New York (USA)
☆Los Angeles (USA)
☆San Francisco(USA)
☆Vancouver (Canada)
☆Honolulu (USA)
☆Melbourne (Australia)

I describe Kayo as a ray of sunshine because her personality is so charismatic and cheerful.  She spent her 2nd day with me and Juvy from early morning to the next morning without even a yawn or sigh.  I think if it weren't for her, me and Juvy would've been dying at the very end but she just emits so much energy that we went through the whole day not realizing the time passing by. 

We're not really savvy when it comes to being a tourist in Hawaii but we winged it pretty well.  We took Kayo to eat some authentic Hawaiian food that wasn't loco moco or acai bowls.  Here we have long rice noodles, kalua pork, pork lau lau with lomi lomi and poi that's not in the picture.  Those names don't get any more Hawaiian than that.  

Kayo & Juvy posing in front of Juvy's hot ride. 

Group picky~~~ 

Stopped by DnBs for din din along with some fun & games.  

Fun & games.

Met up with two other kawaii friends for a kawaii house party. 

We so kawaii.

The second day we met up, we ventured Waikiki and played tourist.  We look so ready for the beach. 

Shopping in style. 

Another beach photo~ 

Although her stay was short, I'm so happy that I got to meet her!  Can't wait to see her again when I visit Japan next year! :3  

Here's a pretty detailed interview video Kayo's friend put together for her.  She filmed us during her stay so you'll probably see us in her videos soon. :) 

Speaking of videos, I am thinking of making a mini movie soon.  Just need to find the right people and equipment for it D: Look forward to it!!

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