Lucky Belly

I've been neglecting a lot of things lately on account of preparations for my NEW JOB!!! Super excited to start an actual career again and put in some salty sweat into my work and be rewarded to my expectations.  This certainly won't mean I'll have time to blog but I'll be blogging here and there.  I've been interacting with a lot of my readers through Twitter and Instagram lately so I tend to forget why they even know of me in the first place.  So, here I am blogging not taking this blog for granted :) 

A couple weeks ago, my good friend took me to her new favorite ramen spot in Chinatown.  I'm not the type of person to be roaming around the streets of Chinatown because, well, to be honest I'm afraid of that place.  A lot of crazies and filthy walls all over the place.  But I'm always up for some yummy ramen recommend by a trust-worthy friend. 

The place is called Lucky Belly.  The owner of the store is relatively young hence the awesome modern interior and the shop's adorable name.  There's also a lovely bar on the side that I would definitely check out another day.  But first the ramen!

I decided on their original Lucky Belly bowl which was their ramen with several toppings such as wakame, boiled egg and bean sprouts. 

The bowl it came in was relatively large and reminded me a lot of this udon shop in Japan called Tsurutontan where the udon was placed in a gigantic bowl big enough to swim in.  

Here you can see how large the bowl was.  The ramen was delicious and the egg was boiled to perfection . . . for my preference that is.  I would agree with what my friend was saying about the ramen being a bit salty but other than that I was able to finish the whole thing with no regrets.  I took a bite of my friend's char sit that she had with her ramen and it was DELISH.  Totally melted in my mouth.

The restaurant has been receiving some positive reviews on so you should check it out:

Price: Moderate ($9-20 per person. Drinking at the bar may cost more :P)
Location:  50 N Hotel St. Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

And with that I am off to bed~  Have SOOO much to update but so little time to squeeze in each day/week to write :((  Will try my best though!  In the meantime, see you guys on the other social networks haha

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P.S.  I've also come to the conclusion that I can no longer keep up with comments or commenting back.  I have difficulty finding time to read everyone's blogs but when I do, I promise to comment you guys!  So for the meantime I have taken commenting on my entries off. If you have questions or comments that you really want to leave me then feel free to contact me at my e-mail: monrabu@gmail OR better yet, write on my wall on my FB page :D OR Tweet me. haha There are just so many ways to find me.  I'm the best person to stalk.  Okaythatsallloveyouguys! 

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