Let's go to the BEACH-EACH!

I'm not so much of a beach person or an outdoor person to say the least. I tan way to easily and not fond of the heat.  But I must say that visiting the beach every so often is so relaxing and therapeutic.  And how lucky am I to be able to drive 20 mins to the nearest beach.  This here is Papailoa beach located on the far north side of Oahu.  

This beach was recommended to me by a friend and we all instantly fell in love with it.  There were not that many people there compared to tourist spots such as Waikiki Beach or Lanikai Beach where kids are frolicking around, shameless tourists walking around in practically nothing and beach volleyball matches occur.  Just a really serene beach where you can concentrate more on the vibrant white sand, turquoise ocean and light clear blue sky. 


We attempted to take gravure photos. LOL

But the water was too cold. 

Here's Juvy's shot. OHOhoHO~

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