F.A.D present by MURUA*NYLON

Last night, my friends and I attended a fashion, art & dance event that was hosted by MURUA and NYLON for the promotion of MURUA opening a shop in Hawaii.  I was stoked because MURUA is one of my favorite brands, I love the concept of monotone colors and European styles incorporated into their clothing line.  The place was packed and totally happening. love love love! :3

Me and Juvy posing awkwardly with our little smirk. 

DJ Mayumi was there, too! 

We so kawaii. 

Our friends who studied in Japan were back so it was a great way to catch up. 

Baby Haein! Love these fashionistas.  Missing Janis, though D:

Fortunate to sit in VIP.  Except they gave me the under 21 wristband >:

Another one of my fashionistas, Rei-chan :3 

We received a free MURUA shirt and $10 off coupon at the door. I was ecstatic. 

It was such an unforgettable night.  I think one of the reasons why I love to go to the clubs is because that's where I can reunite with all my friends since we all have conflicting schedules.  Everyone always seems to be free on a Saturday night for some odd reason. bwahaha


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