Makkuro Makkuro + OOTD

Juvy and I made a visit last week to Makkuro Makkuro, a pop-up event that lasted for a few days.  Our good friend Aron (who has the most artistic blog I know) and a couple of other friends ran their own booths at the event so we just had to check it out.  There were second hand garments and accessories as well as self-produced fashion.  

Aron sold his adorable hand crafted necklaces and bracelets which you can actually purchase from his Etsy page here. I've always seen his works on instagram but seeing them in person, you can really see how much time he put into each piece.  

I ended up buying one of them.  Can you guess which one? :) 

Kodak moment with Aron! 

He's also a great artist!
Other booths selling secondhand clothing

Thank you Aron for this pic!

And here are some OOTD pictures that we spontaneous took at a nearby park. 
Juvy's coordinate
Boater hat: Royal Party
striped leotard: F21
Teal skirt: Secondhanded from moi. It's from Salus :)
Ankle strap wedges: Somewhere from Japan apparently haha

Monica's coordinate
Bowler hat: Rakuten
Polka-heart dress: F21
Earrings: CHANEL
Misc accessories: "Oui" ring from Juvy & Blue crystal ring from Aunt
Heart bag: Vivienne Westwood 
Red flats: UNIQLO

That's all for now!  And if you haven't noticed, my blog has a new layout! Hope it makes for easier viewing for you all.  Stay tuned for much much more updates!

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