Girls day out with fashion bloggers :3

Bloggers unite! Had a girls day out with my fellow fashion bloggers a week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) ago.  We had yummy lunch while dining family style; sharing all our dishes because we apparently have taste bud A.D.D.  We shamelessly took a bunch of silly photos around the mall and shopped for a bit.  

Me and Haein trying to be incognito with the wall. 

Juvy & Janis a.k.a. Pinklovesoxygen :)

After our little shinanegans, we grabbed some of our favorite boba drinks and had our little girly talk.  I swear, this is definitely my favorite pastime.  

We parted with Haein and went thrift shopping and had a little photoshoot at my place.  Haein will definitely be in our next shoot! :D Here are how some of the photos came out: 

I am on a video spree these days! Here is a video we took during our shoot.  Sort of like a behind the scenes hehe :)  Enjoy!

P.S. Oh, and I know I said earlier that I deactivated my Twitter a while back because I felt no need for it but ever since G-Dragon and Amber from F(x) started their own Twitter, I felt the need for it again. LOL So add my on Twitter guys!! 

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