Friday, July 20, 2012

Blogger meet @ Yogur Story!

One of my favorite "tea time" spots would have to be Yogur Story.  I usually frequent this cozy cafe because well, look at how modern and quaint the interior and overall setting is! A lot of customers prefer dining at night because they project popular K-pop music videos on the wall but in my opinion, I find the setting during the day time the best.  Especially if you want to take pictures :p 

We decided to have a impromptu blogger reunion-slash-meetup here since Janis and Char were visiting.  And of course Juvy and myself were there along with another Char who I don't think has a blog at the moment but she is definitely a fashionista!   

I love meeting with fellow bloggers not only because I just want to see them in real life but because we all have common interest yet we're all from different backgrounds.  Well, I guess it's the same as meeting someone who has the same major as you but I'm not in college anymore so that doesn't happen so often.  You get my drift.  

I've been really slacking on updating properly on any social network and I'm trying to take the time to repudiate and revamp but I just don't feel inspired! GAH!  I really do need to get on it and do a little polishing and updating since I feel that I'm in that stage where I begin to change my style not only in fashion but in my life.  My lifestyle has changed drastically this past month and I'm not hating it one bit but I wish I had some time to sit down and breathe.  But meh, life's not meant to sit idly. :) 



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