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So recently I've been experimenting and tampering with Juvy's hair.  I'm really surprised at how much she trusts me to do all these things to her hair! That's true friendship right there.  I'm just so glad the outcome was good and we received a lot of positive feedbacks.  Here are some pictures to share the makeover process:

She's my pet hamster
The cut.
When it comes to cutting, I'm more used to trimming rather than chopping off hair.  I've been trimming my hair (esp bangs) since as long as I can remember because I'm cheap when it comes to haircuts.  But this time, Juvy wanted to go from medium hair length to short so I was nervous!  Thus, the whole process took 2 hours to complete LOL

And the outcome . . .

Instant new face.  I can't believe how hair can change your appearance.  I think she matches more with side swept bangs because it give a more matured-look.

Before & after photo stitch 

The dye.
More like "the bleach".  The first time that both Juvy and I worked with bleach and thanks to Janis, we were able to buy the right products and mix the right amount of bleach powder with developer.  I think the only concerns that people have with bleach is if they have enough solution and where and when to apply it.  The only advice I can give is to stay clear from the roots and start applying from the back of the head and doing the top portion last since that's the warmest part of your head supposedly.  As for having suffice amount of solution, either buy more than you need or concentrate of evening out a little amount at a time.  

So, we let it sit in and watched as her hair turned from light brown to yellow.  We then washed it out and applied toner to her hair to basically "tone" down the hair color to make it look more natural and voila!

 A whole different person!

Want to thank my baby Juvy for giving me this great experience to completely change her hair style from start to finish. She's been styling it in different ways and I'm totally in love with her new style. :)



Thanks winnie! I was super nervous because i know she loves her hair so i didn't want to mess it up @_@
aww thanks! she really does look brighter...literally! hehe
thanks bea!! long time no see!
thanks yuri! you should try go blonde too while you're still in school hehe
same here >< i'm not good with chopping hair. i don't know how to approach it! LOL but i'm glad it came out okay hehe
right? she looks like she can kick your ass. and omg no no don't trust me! esp if you live in japan. just go to a good salon. but your hair looks great all the time!!
i wish >< it was my dream but i don't have money for that kind of schooling D:
right? hahaha but omg let me see that picture!!!!
and what's going on in this thread?! LOL
thanks sweetie!! i lve your hair too!!!
i know what you mean. she has nice white skin so it goes well! hehe
oh no! >< yeah i had to get advice about the bleach before doing it. i was scared to just go for it because i know bleach can be really damaging T_T
thanks!! we had to tone it down a couple times with dye to get it to that shade though ><
good job! i wouldn't trust myself again to bleach honestly LOL i was so scared!
Yuri said…
Omg I wish, I think i'm too tan for blonde hair though :/ I want pastel colored hair but my skin tone T-T lol I'll just stick with red haha. I also don't want to dye it too much because I still want my hair to grow a certain length. Not sure how long yet haha

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