Dining in Wonderland

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet!  Earlier this year, my friends and I made an impromptu lunch date at the Alice in Wonderland cafe in Shinjuku which is basically a themed cafe of . . . Alice in Wonderland!  The wait was about 30 mins which was totally worth it. Seriously like being transported into a  whole different world.

Waiting in line, we drooled over the plate displays.  Each plate uniquely created with the concept of Wonderland.  
D'awwwww he's happy to see you.

Front desk.

Entrance into the restaurant. 

I loved the whole ambiance of the cafe.  Very quaint yet magical at the same time.  Disney really knows how to please its customers with all this eye candy.

Waitresses were all dressed in Alice dresses!

Cheshire cat

Tarako cream pasta
The service was as expected of Japanese service.  And the fact that they were in cosplay uniform was a big plus (especially for my guys friends -x-).  To be honest though, the food was not the best but I'm pretty sure the atmosphere made up for it.  I mean, at least it was affordable.  I would say that the food here can compare to the quality of the food at Disneyland which I believe a lot of people would understand what I mean . . . "processed everything".  All in all, this restaurant is definitely a place you need to visit once in your life if you are a true Disney fan. 

Price: Affordable (from 1,000~1,500yen per person)
Location: Chain restaurant located in major areas in Tokyo. (Ginza, Shinjuku) 


Kei Lopez


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