Vivienne Love.

There is something so rewarding to open my closet and jewelry boxes to see my Vivienne Westwood collection.  I'm not sure what it is about the brand that has got me so obsessed.  It might be that it is very exclusive and difficult to find in the states unless you live in like Cali or New York.

Honestly, I think it's just that goddamn crown. It's so beautiful that I want a tattoo of it! lol  They also incorporate skulls with their designs which is obviously a plus for me.

Here I shall present my collection :3

Heart shaped patent bag given to me by my aunt.  Possibly my post prized possession as in, if there were a fire in my home, this would be one of the items I'd snatch before evacuating.  Although it may not be the most conventional bag and the opening is a bit narrow to fit my wallet in nicely, it looks pretty darn sexy.

Leopard print bowling bag.  I love the shape, design and colors of this bag.  I can fit my whole house in this bag it seems. 

My fav orb necklace. 
Jewelry collection.

And there will be more to come >:D

So, I don't need to mention that I've been busy these days.  I don't want to get too personal with what I've been doing but let's just say that I'm enjoying my life and living it to the fullest.  If you've seen my Instagram (@monrabu) lately, you can stay updated with all the silly shenanigans I've been up to.  Also, a lot of people have messaged me about this and yes, I did delete my Twitter.  There were personal reasons linked to my decision to do so but I mean honestly, I haven't been updating it as much anyway especially since I have Facebook and Instagram already. Too many social networking makes me go craaaaaaaazy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


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