Gifts from the UK!

Hi all!

This a very delayed blog but I wanted to share some goodies I received from the lovely Winnie a month or two ago.

She packaged EVERY SINGLE ITEM. All I did was shove everything in the parcel and she does THIS for me.  haha

I love love LOVE this eyeshadow palette she got for me.  I've been playing around with all the colors lately if you've seen some of my photos on instagram (@monrabu) these days.  I often use the gold eyeshadow for highlights and it really lasts a while! Must do a tutorial or proper review on it soon.  

 1. Percy Pig.  Chewy gummies.  I could not stop myself from finish the whole bag in one night.  Oink.
2. Cath Kitson mirror of the Royal Palace. I'd love to visit this place one day!
3. Mini notepad with a very UK feel.
4. Cross ring! She knows me too well.

Adorable card.  Winnie has the nicest writing btw. 

I love this whole idea of sending gifts from each other's country to each other.  It's sort of like exchanging cultures.  A lot of new products and tastes that I've never run into.

Well, I've been putting off a lot of stuff besides blogging so I'm trying to slowly get back to what I used to do.  Hopefully I'll get some product reviews and tutorials up soon! They're all in my computer but my brain has been so overworked these days.  Thank you to all my readers who still keep in contact offline blogger to check up on me!

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Cassandra Hofschulte


Maria May said…
Aww! A lot of cute things she got for you <3 I love the palette :D it's awesome!!

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