Cosplaying in Shibuya FOR FREE!

There are still tons and tons of things that need to be sorted out. Thank you all for your blessings.  This is definitely the hardest time for me--possibly in my whole life--but right now I have to concentrate on going back home.  I still have a lot to pack and send and a lot of work to finish, a lot of forms to fill out, a lot of promises to be made.  I just can't sit here sulking all day.

SOoOOOoooOooo . . .I've been prolong this long entry enough.

My friend from HK (who resided in London for a bit) came to visit last month.  It's been a year since we've met and our conversations turned from friendship problems to career problems.  We both are pretty much on the same page so it was such a great stress reliever to vomit rant. We had dinner in Shibuya and decided to stop by the CLUB SEGA to cosplay. :3

It's awesome because dressing up is FREE and you can pick from a variety of costumes.  Some of the costumers were: nurses, elementary student uniforms, devils, cops, Disney characters, kigurumis.

We decided to go for an Alice in Wonderland theme.

You pick your outfit and most of them only come in two sizes (Small & Medium) and change in the dressing room.  They say not to take pictures in the dressing room but  . . .  oh well! I was the Queen!

Here's how the purikura turned out.

After that, we had some tea and played around with each other's cameras and took a million pictures with this new .gif app:

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I had a very unique experience the other day.  Will share in the near future I promise!

That's all for now.  Hopefully I'll be able to update soon. I've missed blogger so much (not joking)! I'm just a month away from going home and there's just so much to do. So I apologize for the delay!


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