Rilakkuma Chocolates

Could time not go any faster?! I can't believe Valentine's is right around the corner.  Did y'all get presents for your loved one?  

As you might have known, gifts are not given by men in Japan on Valentine's day.  They have their own day for that (called "White day").  If a woman has someone she admires, she goes out and buys or makes him a present--preferably chocolates.   But some who are in school or work in an office may feel obligated to give something to their colleagues which would most likely be chocolates, or "giri-choco" (which are like the "fake" gifts. Here are some sympathy chocolates but don't get the wrong idea kind of chocolates.).  

Step 1: Buy chocolate bars.  Buy an extra one for yourself. 

Step 2: Chop bar into pieces with a knife. Be careful not to slip and cut yourself! 

Step 3: Boil water in one pan and submerge another pan in water with choco pieces. 
Step 4: Stir with rubber spatula.  
Here's my mistake: DON'T ADD IN MILK. I don't even know why I did that because it was already milk chocolate.  I'm pretty retarded sometimes.

Step 5: Pour melted chocolate into silicon tray. 

Step 6: Place in fridge to left harden

You should probably cover it, too. 

About an hour or two later, it's done!

O-oh.... umm....

YEAH THEY DONT LOOK THAT GREAT. But I'm still proud of it.  They kind of came out :D 
I can't wait to "properly" make these when I have a kitchen again. 

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's day!

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