This was me last week when I checked my follower count:

500+ Followers?! 


Maybe it's not much to most people but it means a lot to me that people took the time to actually click 'follow'. I love you all *muah* And I will try my best to blog more fun, eye-raping, random nonsense for everyone.  

Love you all so much, that to show you my appreciation, I made this video:

While editing this video, I tallied up a few things and this is what I found out:
"Um . . . " count: 9 x
"Yeah" count: 5 x
Touching of hair count: 3 x
Using hand gestures: too many

I need to stop being so camera shy (>______<)

And going right down to the prizes.  Here they are:

☆Rilakkuma lunch or whatever bag
☆Dripping blood Chanel hair tie
☆ Etude House BB Cream samples
☆Blanchul Cacao Chocolates (these are freakin' amazing)
☆CanDo Eyelashes (ranked #2 on
☆MISSHA snail slime mask

Like I said, it really isn't much.  But I hope everyone will enter because everything I got for this giveaway, I wanted myself.  The lashes are what I always use, the chocolate is what I snack on in my little corner every night, you know I LOVE RILAKKUMA & drippy blood Chanel, and also you know my love for Korean BB cream.  And I bet you're curious about snail slime on your face.  I'll also attach a letter with purikura for you :D (not sure if that's even a plus). 

3 requirements to enter:

1. Be a public follower of my blog.
2. Comment this entry leaving your name and contact address.
3. Also in your comment, tell me what you think about my blog.  What you want to see more of or what entries you liked.  Let me know <33 feedback is always great. Just don't bash -_-

4 REALLY EASY extras:

1. Follow me on Twitter.
2. Tweet about this on Twitter.
3. Reblog this giveaway entry or link to it on your blog.
4. Like my FB page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end March 18! 

All shipping and handling, leave it up to me.  This is literally free stuff!  SO DO IT! :)

And I will end with a picture of me with my new blonde wig from Linea Storia.  I love their wigs so much! They're affordable and actually look real.

★━━━…‥NEW FOLLOWERS!・‥…━━━★ 






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